We provide a wide range of sea food for retail and industry. The freshness of our products, remains the priority and the focus of all our teams. We can offer various suitable packaging for industry or retail, according to your request.
All our range is processed in whole fish, HGT and/or filets.

Fish : Morocco, Chili, Argentina, China, Vietnam, India.
Sardine, Mackrel, Squid, Tilapia, Hake, Squid, Panga, Chinchard, Red fish, COD fish …

Salmon : Chili, Norway, China, North America
Pink – Chum – Keita

Scallops : Peru, Chili, Japan, China, Russia
Avec ou sans corail
Half shell

King crab, spanner crab…: Norway, Alaska USA, Canada…
Crab leg, claw, piece, whole

Tuna: Norway, North USA, Canada, New Zealand…
Crab leg, claw, piece, whole